Time to Love, Time for War, Time to Heal

– David Bebelaar

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David Bebelaar

David Bebelaar

Author of "Time"

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My Story

I graduated from Ryerson with a bachelors degree in Accounting and Finance. Originally considered following in the family steps of being an accountant, but life took me in a different direction.

I started to write this to give my daughters a sense of where they came from. Having no knowledge of my grandparents character, I wanted to find out what they were like, so that my daughters could know the past family members that they never met. As the process continued, I realized that the story was bigger and would appeal to a broader audience, as many families could relate to the lack of information that was passed down after WWII.

With the information recounted of experiences in both the European and Pacific war theaters, the information could help others heal, and start conversations. For those that had similar experiences, seeking information and the friendship of others that can relate is paramount to understanding.

Honoring the past brings a feeling that is hard to describe. Writing this book was a learning and healing experience.

I knew nothing about the character of my grandparents and reading their letters I felt like I was a child at their knee. I was able to gain an understanding of who they were as people and how they treated others. I found so many character traits of my grandfather in both my father and myself.

Just finished your book Dave, thank you for sharing with us. I have to say I was in tears more than once but nice you have the letters. xoxo

– Sharon W

Recognition for War Heroes

Were any of your Dutch family part of the KNIL (Dutch East Indies Army) and interned by the Japanese?

Please get in touch with me and I can try help get recognition for their valour and heroism.

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