Time to Love, Time for War, Time to Heal

– David Bebelaar


I have just finished your most well written documented book regarding your ancestry and the struggles they endured.

I must say it moved me to tears and I am very honoured that you are part of our rather small Canadian family.  My Dutch friend here in Blenheim who is 85 years old will be so pleased when I pass the book onto him to read.

Karen and the girls must be so proud of your accomplishment and securing your Grandfather’s (Opa) medal that he so deserved.  Keep your dream alive to have that medal touch the gravesite and relive the steps your grandparents took.

You have opened many doors and many hearts in the Dutch community with your endless effort to keep this story in the forefront and have those soldiers honoured and respected for the sacrifice they made.   Kudos!!!

Mary Lou

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed “Time to Love”.

When we read history it deals with Kings, Queens, Military Generals and Presidents.

Your grandparents remind us that life is about people and that greatness is not restricted to the Kings and their ilk.

They were really both very special individuals.

I was amazed at how well written the letters from all sources were. Some of them qualified as literature. In the days of Twitter and Facebook letter writing has become a lost art.

My heart still aches for the pain and suffering experienced by these two wonderful people due to forces unpredictable and totally beyond their control.

Thanks again David for taking the time to write this excellent book.

Jack Graham

Just finished your book Dave, thank you for sharing with us. I have to say I was in tears more than once but nice you have the letters. xoxo
– Sharon W

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